LOVE GOD MURDER Johnny Cash - 3 CD Box Set

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LOVE GOD MURDER Johnny Cash - 3 CD Box Set

Like new condition throughout for this amazing collection of 48 JC songs themed accordingly and hand-picked by the Man in Black himself.  Great must-have for the Johnny Cash fan. See our listings for many more JC titles...

Just the highlights:

Released in 2000. It features three themed CDs of songs Cash chose from his catalog. Love features relationship songs, mostly written for wife June. God is a collection of gospel and spiritual songs. Murder features another recurring topic of Cash's career, and perhaps his favorite subject, but one that he encouraged people "not to go out and do". Each album was also released separately on the same day. 

Each of the three discs contains liner notes by a celebrity. Love has liner notes by Cash's wife; U2 frontman Bono contributes liner notes for God, and Murder's liner notes are by film director Quentin Tarantino.